दिल दिया गल्लां, करांगे “माया” नाल बह के !!

When you are living a stable and routine life, weekdays almost pass just like same everyday… little scope for change. Off late we experienced pretty good cold wave which is now tapering off and giving away to hot and hotter days. There comes one day, one working day, where you don’t even feel to get out of bed, forget doing any work! Well!! If there are certain domestic works lined up just that day, and you show lethargy…. Well… u get a free musical symphony from your wifey in the ears…Happens… this happens in every married man’s life, every month, month after month, year after years. Because, you see, all men are perfect, so it’s difficult to improve perfection! But that feeling of getting Nagged by wifey stays.
So, one such January 2018 evening where I was preparing for my scheduled Tadoba/TATR Trip, it comes to my mind that I have faltered by not doing some important domestic work, as assigned by my wifey. Of course, no marks for guessing my reaction, I stood frozen! Time when you really, badly want time machine to go back in time, do the work, and come back to the present. But, well, Elon Musks and Tim Cooks of world don’t understand gravity of situations we Indian husband undergo in some tight situations.
Any reasons on why that work was not done, don’t withstand in critical times. Any my situation facing my wifey was exactly the same as any Bomb Disposal Squad Expert faces in front of an explosive device which can go off anytime, and it’s darn difficult to diffuse it. Any critical mistake in diffusing, & BOOM!! Whoa! Eureka!! I thought, in an argument, when u can’t defend, simply distract from the issue to save it for later. And I threw a surprise to my wifey…. Honey, we both are going to Tadoba to see the Tigers!! WOW! Came the response and this battle of nerves was won for the day!
Sipping tea, I just thought of listening to Atif Aslam for the journey, but then dropped the idea since you don’t get chance to listen songs when wifey has so much things to share and talk. Well, I began my journey towards Tadoba, this time along with my wifey and without Atif Aslam Pen drive!
This 150 minutes journey, whereas my ears were listening to, I don’t know what wifey was telling me, took me back to the times where my then princess and now Queen Maya as a young cub played with a monkey… She hardly knew how to prey… and to the times of today where I was expecting to see her cubs playing around her under her deep watchful eyes.
All set, I began for my first safari next morning and saw usual wild life. As always, I was waiting patiently where she was expected near a water body. Maya is pretty good at throwing few surprises and today was no different.
Whoa!! What do I see? The great Matkasur… the hulk, walking from the bushes with the “I don’t care looks” which the great West Indies Batsman, Sir Viv Richards used to give to all bowlers when he was on crease. My driver was surely disturbed and wanted to back off but I calmed him down. Wifey was thoroughly awestruck by seeing this huge Tiger and I was giggling in my mind, yes in my mind as I was not sure to do anything which may attract attention from the King that time!!
Some thoughts came to my mind… how he must have convinced Maya to become his girl…. It will be really interesting to know his mind and thoughts which started from “Maya is my Girlfriend, I love my girlfriend, but she doesn’t know that she is my girlfriend!”… to “apun bola tu meri laila, wo boli fektai saala”… to “she doesn’t care a dime about me”… to “dude whats going on between us, really?”… to “Finally, we are together” Whatay journey… But the confidence and royalty in his eyes was a giveaway that Queen is very much with him, and also nearby!
The clock was ticking but the time stood still. Maya was expected anytime on the scene. And she didn’t disappoint at all. Here the Queen was!!…. More confident, as always ROYAL. The most beautiful tigress walking with grace but slowly, along with her 2 cubs! Wow!! This was the time when I had tears in my eyes. Considering the two instances in the past with Maya, I was very happy to see the cubs healthy, moving along playing good and in strict control of their mom!!
What must be going on in Maya’s mind off late? I was trying to read her… She gave that look as if she was acknowledging my presence, and I was desperately trying to know more of her. It’s true, when you are a mother; you are never alone in your thoughts. A mother would always think twice, one for herself and for her kids!! Unlike other tigress, Maya didn’t mind her cubs to come out with her and be exposed to outside world pretty early as compared to normal timelines. Perhaps, it was her confidence in her ways of upbringing of the cubs. The way cubs looked at Maya for understanding what she was communicating, I thought to tell them, that they are looking at the purest form of love they will ever know in their entire lifetime, love of their mother! It will be interesting to see mother and cubs sighting to know more how and what teachings Maya imparts to her cubs.
Matkasur was back again. He’d just brought the kill for mother and cubs. Look at this hulk!! He never cared about any emotions and all… and here he is getting the kill for mother and cubs! Seriously, I must say that if the feelings are equal, the efforts will always be mutual in any relationship! This Magician Maya had converted this Hulk Matkasur into a domesticated straight liner husband of sorts who is earning bread for the family, whoa! Is this true??
I guess, Maya has converted this Matkasur into a guy who flashes “I don’t have a girlfriend but I know a woman who would be really mad if she heard me say that!”
What can this love really do… as JK Rowling says “Love as powerful as your mother’s for you leaves its own mark. To have been loved so deeply, even though the person who loved us is gone, will give us some protection forever” True that.
All this time I was thinking so much, watching every move of cubs, Maya, and Matkasur occasionally. After some time, they went inside the bushes and me and wifey came back from the core area.
I was replaying the whole episode of maya and cubs, and I knew it, Only mothers can think of the future, because they give birth to it in their children.
Men can’t fathom much in this. Perhaps, they are not meant for that at so early stage. What men bother more is that how many times their girlfriend/ wife called them, texted them, while they were away with their friends. Or how the wife ruined holiday by giving list of pending domestic work…. And at best how she has nagged you!!
Today, Maya taught very big lesson in those 10 mins…. Apart from husband, wife, kids, parents; Love, Support, Trust, Protection, Gratitude, Respect, Loyalty is what make a complete family.
I have seen Maya ever since she’s a cub. I have seen her own struggle, seen her failure, success. I have also seen her being in some sort of depression when her first and second litter did not survive. She moved on. That too, successfully. She commanded respect in spite of all these lows in her life. And now she is getting her cubs ready to lead by example. Seriously, we don’t ever know what kind of sacrifices our parents made, what kind of pains they went through when they brought us up. Time to tell our parents, how much we love them, and how much we realize that, they have made us what we are. Hey Maya…I don’t have any words to say thanks to you. How can you teach me so much without even you being a human !!
A kinda quiet me was preparing for our return journey when my wifey said I was too quiet to be true. On our return journey, I thought, I would listen every word to what she is going to say. But again I was surprised by her. She’d secretly kept the Atif Aslam Pendrive with her to be played in our return journey… The very first song it played,
“कच्ची ड़ोरियो डोरीयो ड़ोरियो से, मैनू तु बांध ले, पक्की यारियो यारियो यारियो में होंदे ना फासले
ये नाराज़गी कागजी सारी तेरी, मेरे सोह्नेया सुन ले मेरी,
दिल दिया गल्लां करांगे नाल नाल बह के, आँख नाले आँख नु मिला के”
And immediately I realized I was wrong to say that I was nagged by my wifey…. Period.