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Explore Kanha National Park

Considered as one of Asia’s finest protected area the Kanha National Park is one of India’s national treasures.

The landscape, the flora and the fauna, the people of Kanha especially the Baiga tribes provide a unique and perfect atmosphere for wildlife photographers and nature lovers.

Kanha has a core zone of 940 square km and a buffer zone of more than 1000 square km. The core zone is divided in 4 parts: Kisli, Kanha, Mukki, and Sarhi and a 1 buffer Zone Khatia, which is now also open for those who wish to explore wilderness during night time.

Kanha is a mixed deciduous forest, which celebrates a different beauty in each season. Kanha is a home to more than 40 species of mammals and over 350 species of birds. These include: the famous Royal Bengal Tiger, Sloth Bear, Indian Wild Dogs, Indian Gaur, the elusive Leopards and the Hard Ground Barasingha which found no where else but in Kanha.

Major Attraction in Kanha

Mesmerizing  Jungle, Saal Trees, Barasingha Tiger, Leopard, Wild Dogs, Sambhar Deer, Indian Gaur, Spotted Deer, Barking Deer, Wild Boar, Sloth Bear, Jackals, Langoors, Peacoks, Vultures and beautiful birds (around 300 bird Species).

Must watch places inside Kanha: Kanha Meadows, Kanha Muesum, Shravan Taal, Digdola, Salghat, Badridadar, Sauf Maidan, Churi, Lapsikabar, Bisanpura Maidan, Singarpur Maidan, Saundad Tank, Naktighati, Babathenga.

Wildlife Documentary: 1. Land of the Tiger. 2 Two Tiger 3. Where Tiger is the King. 4. Tiger Revenge.

Recommended Books: 1. Deer and The Tiger. 2. Through the Tigers Eye. 3. Chronicle of Kanha.

Where to Stay and Safari Entry Gates at Pench MP

Some the best wildlife resorts are available at Pench MP.  All of them provide good facilities to make the stay comfortable and Memorable. Here are a few places where one can choose to stay at Pench.

Khatia Gate:

  • Recommended Resorts: Courtyard House, Tuli Tiger Resort, Celebration, The Jungle Haveli Resort, Mowgli Resort, Kingfisher Resort, Flame of Forest, Kanha Earth Lodge, Club Mahindra Resort, Jungle King Resort, Kanha Eco Village, MPTDC Baghira Log Huts, Forest Rest House.
  • Jungle Safari Gate Access:
  • Core Zone: Kanha, Kisli, Mukki, Sarhi
  • Buffer  Zone: Khatia, Khapa.
  • Core Zone Canter Safari Available.

Nearest ATM:  Mocha and Bamni.
Mobile Sevices: All Operators.

Mukki Gate:

  • Recommended Resorts:  Taj Banjjar Tola, Singinawa Resort, Sherghad, 7 Tiger Resort, Grand Tiger Resort. Chitvan, Jungle Lodge, The Bagh,  Bagh Villas.
  • Jungle Safari Gate Access:
  • Core Zone: Mukki, Kanha and KIsli
  • Buffer  Zone: Khapa,
  • Canter Safari Available.

Nearest ATM:  Bihair.
Mobile Sevices: Idea.

Sarhi Gate:

  • Recommended Resorts:  MPTDC Resort and Homestay.
  • Jungle Safari Gate Access:
  • Core Zone: Sarhi,, Kanha and KIsli
  • Buffer  Zone: Sijiora and Phen

Nearest ATM:  Bichiya.
Mobile Sevices: Idea (Weak)

What to Explore around Kanha National Park

      • Bedaghat Marble Rock Jabalpur
      • Dhuandhar Falls
      • Kanha Museum
      • Baiga Dance Show
      • Forest Nature Trails
      • Baiga Village Visit
      • Ashish Kachwha Art Museum
      • Ajgaar Dadar, Kakaiya.
      • Dibligugara Waterfall

How to Reach

By Air: Nagpur is 250 Kms. Jabalpur is 150 Kms. Raipur is 300Kms

By Rail: Nagpur is 250 Kms. Jabalpur is 150 Kms. Raipur is 300Kms

By Road:  Nagpur is 250 Kms. Jabalpur is 150 Kms. Raipur is 300Kms

Nagpur to Kanha: Khatia Gate: 250KMS. Mukki Gate: 290 Kms

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